High quality, 100% cotton Luddite Free Flight Team t-shirts are available in Hot Green and Hot Yellow colors. The Luddite Free Flight Team emblem is silk-screened on these vivid shirts in Luddite black. "Luddite" is on top with the words "FREE FLIGHT TEAM" artistically wrapped below. Directly below this is our motto: "Stick and Tissue Forever!" They also feature nice line art renditions of a towline glider (Jesse James F1H), a rubber model (Souper 30 F1G) and a gas powered model (Maverick F1J). These are fine T-shirts and are machine washable, the professionally applied silkscreen logos are not effected by washing.
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Hot Yellow - Small    (quantity remaining in stock=2)     $9    
Hot Yellow - Medium    (quantity remaining in stock=12)     $9    
Hot Yellow - Large    (quantity remaining in stock=0)  sold out    sold out  sold out
Hot Yellow - X-Large    (quantity remaining in stock=0)    sold out    sold out  sold out
Hot Yellow - XX-Large    ($2 extra for this size)    (quantity remaining in stock=14)        $13    
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Hot Green - Large    (quantity remaining in stock=9)     $11    
Hot Green - X-Large    (quantity remaining in stock=0)  sold out    sold out  sold out
Hot Green - XX-Large     ($2 extra for this size)    (quantity remaining in stock=20)      $13    
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